Andover Sportsman's Club Military Rifle and Pistol Shoot

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Andover Sportsman's Club Military Rifle and Pistol Shoot

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Military Rifle and Pistol Shoot

For the Military rifle and pistol enthusiast, a competition in several shooting stages using different positions and timing formats to test and develop flexibility and marksmanship skills using vintage and modern military rifles and pistols and conforming to the CMP rules.

2014 Match Dates:
June 22nd

Registration: Gate opens at 8:00AM. Registration will begin at 8:30AM. Registration will close at 9:15AM.
Match: The match begins at 9:30AM and ends by 1:30PM

Competition is open to the public

Required Equipment: Hearing protection, eye protection, rifle, and ammunition. There will be at least one military rifle available for those who do not own one and wish to shoot. You will have to purchase ammunition that will be available specifically for the firearms made available. Proper identification will be required for purchase.

Recommended Equipment: Long sleeve shirt and long pants, hat, sunscreen, shooting mat or carpet (about 3′ x 6′), food and drink.

Rifle Course of Fire:
There will be a total of three matches. Each match is a total of 30 shots slow fire at a SR1, 100 yard reduction of a 200 yard military target. There will be three rounds to each match with each round being 10 shots prone, 10 shots sitting or kneeling and 10 shots standing. Each round will have a 10 minute time limit. There will be no sight-in time so it is recommended that you sight in your firearm prior to the day of the match.

Pistol Course of Fire:
There will be a total of three matches. Each match is a total of 10 shots, within a 10 minute time limit, fired at a TQ6, 25 foot slow fire official NRA target.

Browning 30 Competition:
As an added bonus, there will be a Browning .30 competition for anyone who would like to participate. A standard issue Browning .30 configured for semi-auto fire will be set up on a tripod. The cost is $10.00 for five rounds at a target size to be determined. The individual who shoots the highest score throughout the day will be awarded half of the total amount collected. You may shoot as many times as you like throughout the course of the day.

Winners will be awarded prizes as determined by the Match Director. First place for the Rifle and Pistol matches will receive an entry fee refund.

Entry Fee:
$10.00 per match.

More information can be found on our website or you can emails us at

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