Always wanted to try action shooting but were afraid to try?

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Always wanted to try action shooting but were afraid to try?

Post by djmiked » Fri Feb 17, 2006 4:35 pm

A lot of people are "put off" by competition or are afraid they may fail or look bad if they go to a shoot. Want to try action shooting with a bunch of guys that are laid back who like to have fun shooting and bs'ing instead of being hard core competitors? Come on over to the NorthEast Combat Pistol League (NECPL). . At NECPL the guys all come down to have fun, enjoy some company and shoot their guns. They host IDPA style matches as well as 2 guns matches using handguns with rifles and/or shotguns.

Have an AR rifle you would love to shoot in a combat match? Have a Rem 870 pump that you wouldn't mind trying in a match? How about that old SKS rifle? Want to shoot a match in dark with just your handgun and a flashlight?

Go on over to their website posted above and check out the courses of fire (COF) and the match schedule. You will also find pictures of some of the shoots. Match results are posted for people to see how they did.

The whole idea behind this form of shooting is to test your own skills against yourself month after month and watch the results.

You need not be a member of NECPL to come down to any of the shoots. You can even bring your revolver if that is what you want to shoot. All firearms must be of Centerfire caliber and at least 9mm or 38 special caliber on up. You will need a strong side hip holster(that covers the trigger guard). A few spare magazines or speedloaders and either holsters for the mags/loaders or you can even use your pockets. You will also need some form of concealment if the match requires it (jacket, vest etc.). Check out the website for more info and what is required or not required. We even do matches where we use no holsters.

This is a very fun and easy way to get involved and started in action/combat style shooting. Most of the guys will be more than willing to help a new shooter and give them advice.

Come on down, you know you want to try it!

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