About Us

The CT Shooting website was created with the intention of becoming a central resource for shooting related information local to Connecticut. It is meant to include topics you find important and we will continue to bring this information to you as it arrives.

If you have any suggestions for improving or adding to the website, please submit feedback. Also, as a registered member, you may submit news topics and participate in our forum.
Basic Rules
No political or religious discussions are allowed, regardless of whether or not someone believes the topic is firearm related. There are other venues available for those subjects.
Maintain respect for the individual. Name calling or "flaming" will not be tolerated. Feel free to disagree; but, be polite.
No profanity. Let's make this place (and consequently the shooting sports) welcoming to juniors and their parents.
Remain positive: setting a positive mental attitude is essential to growth and being negative can drag everyone down.
DO Encourage Others: share what you know.
ASK Questions: it is the only way to learn.
Have fun with your shooting. If not, why are you here?